How can I best store my flatbreads?

All Stonefire flatbreads are baked with no preservatives or additives. If desired, our flatbreads can be frozen up to 6 months – please note freezing will not impact the taste, freshness, or quality of our flatbreads. Our flatbreads can also be kept on the counter, but please use by the best before date on the package.

Do you have coupons or free samples?

We do not distribute coupons through our website. We encourage interested customers to follow us on Twitter for news and giveaways and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to participate in weekly coupon contests like Tuesday Trivia and Fan Friday!

Can I microwave your flatbreads?

Stonefire flatbreads can be microwaved! Simply wrap the flatbread in a lightly moistened paper towel and microwave for 15-30 seconds according to package instructions.

How much do Stonefire Flatbreads cost at grocery stores?

Stonefire Flatbreads are made with the highest quality ingredients using traditional baking methods. We have worked hard to give our customers the best value without reducing quality. In most markets you will be able to purchase a variety of Stonefire Flatbreads at an average price of $2.99.

I have a great idea for your brand!

We love to hear great ideas from our customers. Please send your feedback or comments to contactus@stonefire.com

How can I reach your Public Relations team?

Please visit our media kit for our current press releases, product information and product images.

For all media inquiries and product review requests please contact media@fgfbrands.com

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Stonefire products are found in the deli or bakery section of your local grocery store.

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