Stonefire® Brings Authenticity to Italian Artisan & Thin Pizza Crusts

Stonefire® Brings Authenticity to Italian Artisan & Thin Pizza Crusts

New Hand-Stretched Pizza Crusts Baked in a Stone Oven with No Preservatives

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Stonefire® Authentic Flatbreads, makers of the number one naan in North America, is introducing authentic, Italian Artisan and Thin Pizza Crust.

Hand-stretched, baked on stone as they do in Italy, and made with no preservatives, the pizza crusts were created by the Ajmera family, founders of Stonefire® Authentic Flatbreads and baking veterans with over 40 years of experience.

With a vision for a superior pizza crust that possessed authentic Italian flavors, tradition and design, Stonefire® set out to make a pizza crust that would revitalize pizza’s roots and give consumers a memorable experience to cook with and enjoy.

“Our goal with the pizza crusts was to inspire creative cooking with a solid base of traditional taste,” shared Stonefire. “All food used to be made by hand; then everything became mechanized. Authenticity has always been at the root of our products and who we are as a company, and today, we are glad that people are again placing value on these classic recipes.”

The Italian Artisan Pizza Crust, available in both original and multigrain, comes in a rectangular shape easy to serve and eat, while the Italian Thin Pizza Crust comes in a round shape and is packaged with an authentic Italian sauce made with real tomatoes and basil. Both are fully baked (ready to top, heat and serve), easy to prepare, and are ideal platforms for favorite pizza toppings and recipes.

Stonefire’s® Pizza Crusts will be available at select grocery stores nationwide with an SRP of $2.99 for the Artisan Pizza Crust and $3.99 for Thin Pizza Crust with sauce. One crust comes in each package. For more information, please visit

About Stonefire® Authentic Flatbreads

Stonefire® Authentic Flatbreads is a family-owned bakery with over 40 years of experience and a simple mission: To make one of a kind, authentic flatbreads. Founded by the Ajmera family, Stonefire®Authentic Flatbreads bake authentic naan, pita and pizza crust using traditional baking methods and the finest ingredients without artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Based in Ontario Canada, Stonefire® Authentic Flatbreads is a division of FGF Brands. Visit Stonefire® Authentic Flatbreads on Facebook.


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